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If address is not correct, make corrections or notify the club manager at 248.528.0808. your cooperation in keeping our records up-to-date will be appreciated. Please include extention numbers.

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Note : Dues must accompany this application. Monies will be applied against membership dues if applicant is accepted, or refunded if applicant is rejected.

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  • Member annual dues for one years (dues are payable annually on or before February 1st of each year).....$100.00
  • Member annual dues for two years (dues are payable every two years on or before February 1st).....$150.00
  • (By-Laws provide for a grace period of thirty(30) days in connection with payment of annual dues.
    Any memeber failing to pay dues within 30 days after date shall automatically forfeit membership in the club.)
  • Company Member

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